We never made the first page…but we are also dying

Covid19 has spare no one and no nation. It has left a trail of death in industrialized as well as in developing countries. And while the first are being supported by citizens ‘solidarity, the latter with fewer resources, are letting their people die, in silence. 

States don’t pay their bills

In Ecuador, UTPL Hospital, a small medical center in the town of Loja, is one of the three medical facilities in the South equipped with a lab to test for the Coronavirus. Unlike in the USA where the government provides the states with the money for testing, in Ecuador, the government has ordered the hospital to test patients, with the promise of future reimbursement. In view of the country ‘s financial situation and payment record (it has not yet paid the bills to the hospitals for 2019 and also for previous years), we can assume that this is just wishful thinking.


Few can afford the test

 A Covid 19 test kit costs in the USA $135.  The UTPL has bought 1200 kits with its available financial resource. While doctors are volunteering their time in the lab, the hospital is asking patients a contribution of $90 per kit to cover the cost. Unfortunately, in a country where the base salary is $400 per month, few can afford the test, and if they think they might be infected, they stay home, hoping for the best. 


The price of a meal.

 For many of us $90 is the price of a good meal in a restaurant. For the people in Ecuador it is an urgency that can save many lives. For this reason, we are asking for donations of $90, to buy as many kits as possible.

 We need your help for the people that will never make the first page. They are the invisible, the forgotten ones who fall through the cracks, yet their lives are as precious as ours. We cannot and will not let them suffer or possibly die.

Please allow us to help them with your help.

for more details of the project, please contact: colasanti@rieloinstitute.org

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