The Psycho-ethics Laboratory in HTM (Health, Trauma and Migration)

Director: Mar Alvarez MD Psychiatrist

Under the impact of any kind of violence, human beings become absorbed with fear, and mistrut, that transform their personal relationships into defensive strategies. Our theory is that the recovery process for these individuals needs to be addressed through what we call an ” interactive  psycho-ethical” approach.  This approach takes in consideration what the person values the most and cares about, (the ethical perspective), as well as the effects on cognitive and affective capacities (the psychological perspective). To make it work, it needs a contextualized cultural and sociological background. The main objectives of the lab are : analyze the effects of the complexity of poverty, migration and trauma in human mental health, and the resilient recovery process following these experiences. Our current Project includes a collaboration with Abat Oliba University (Barcelona) and PUCE University (Santo Domingo, Ecuador) to study the “Migratory Mourning” of the re-adaptation of migrant population to their country of origin.