Robert P. Badillo PhD

born in New York City, was awarded, in 1991, a doctorate in philosophy from The American University in Washington, D.C., with a dissertation on Jürgen Habermas. Dr. Badillo has taught philosophy in various universities in the United States, including Fordham University, Villanova University, the University of the District of Columbia. Dr. Badillo also taught philosophy for a number of years at Sacred Heart Philosophical College in Aluva, Kerala, India. His specializations are in the field of metaphysics, philosophical anthropology and ethics. In addition to publishing many articles, and co-editing two volumes titled The Humanization of Social Life (2004), his first book The Emancipative Theory of Jürgen Habermas and Metaphysics (1991) was described by George F. McLean as “marking a new beginning for philosophy.” Currently he is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy at St. John’s University